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  • Cory Doctorow

    Cory Doctorow

    Writer, blogger, activist. Blog: https://pluralistic.net; Mailing list: https://pluralistic.net/plura-list; Twitter: https://twitter.com/doctorow

  • Ego Amare

    Ego Amare

    Self-Knowledge. Self-Development. Self-Control. — — — — — — — resourcemind.org

  • A.j Thomas

    A.j Thomas

    I love writing that leaves you hanging on by imagination & then reelin’ ya back in by pulling on your heartstrings. See more at my pub Slinging Some Ink.

  • SavantAstro


    Vedic Astrology | Numerology | Spritual coach | Spritual Storyteller | Feng shui | Vastu shastra

  • Deepanshu Giri

    Deepanshu Giri

    Astrologer and Teacher of Vedic Astrology | Founder of LUNAR ASTRO VEDIC ACADEMY [www.lunarastro.com] | Under water robotics engineer.

  • Benjamin Hardy, PhD

    Benjamin Hardy, PhD

    Get the free kindle of THE GAP AND THE GAIN here: https://benjaminhardy88-gmail-com.ck.page/f89e3c5917

  • Rajeshwar


    Find a Heart that will Love you at your worst and arms that will hold you at your Weakest. My tweets are my personal and RTs are not endorsements.

  • Musing Spirit

    Musing Spirit

    Amber Monet, Astrologer. To know thyself is to understand that we are layers upon layers of energies. Let's bare it all! ;-)

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