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Gem stones are basically fossils — they are the condensed, crystalized forms of minerals formed under high pressure and heat of the earth’s interiors. Since ages, civilizations all over the world have accepted gems as sources of intense energy. Even modern physics has acknowledged the energizing properties of gemstones. For eg. Quartz crystals are responsible for accurate and precise operation of mobiles, computers, watches, TV sets etc.

How do the Gemstones work?

Gems are highly sensitive and radioactive. They absorb and conduct energy in the form of frequency rays. Furthermore, their electromagnetic field impacts the environment in a very subtle manner. When gemstones are worn on the body, their constant contact with the skin brings about changes in the body chemistry as they interact with the energy field of the body.

Energy exists in nature in the form of vibrational rays and wavelengths. When worn, the gems pick up and transmit a specific wavelength to the body. The body in turn transforms these rays into chemicals and elemental particles it can use to function better — both on the physical and emotional levels.

“Gem Therapy” means the use of gems in different ways to propitiate the malefic effects of planets and to cure diseases.

Role of gems in Ayurveda and Astrology:

Ayurveda has studied the various vibrations, electro-magnetic effects and energizing powers of different gemstones. Brihat Samhita discusses the healing powers of various gems in detail. There are seven dhatus or seven tissues of the body; namely plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bones, marrow, nerves, and reproductive tissues. The seven planets rule each of these dhatus. Accordingly, the corresponding gems have curative effects on the diseases caused due to Dosha of these dhatus. In fact, today Gem Therapy is followed as an alternative Healing Therapy the whole world over.

Jyotisha: Vedic Astrology considers gems to contain such concentrated, intense energy as to influence and alter even the fate of a person. Astrology recognizes primarily Nine Gems generally known as the Nava Ratnas to be of great significance. According to the Puranas, these nine gems were formed from the different light rays radiated by the nine major planets (Nava Graha). Each of the planet has a corresponding gem with properties similar to it.

Brihat Jatak” contains a verse which reads as follows:

माणिक्यं दिननयकस्य विमलं मुक्ताफलं शितगोः महेयस्य च विद्रुमं मरकतं सौम्यस्य-गरुत्मकं

देवेज्यस्य च पुष्परागं सुर-आचर्यस्य वज्रं शनेः नीलं निर्मलमन्ययोश्च गदिते गोमेद-वैदुर्यके

Translation: “The Sun’s gem is pure Ruby, Moon’s is natural Pearl, Mars’ is Red Coral, Mercury’s is Emerald, Jupiter’s is Yellow Sapphire, Venus’ is Diamond, Saturn’s is Blue Sapphire, Rahu’s is Hessonite, and Ketu’s is Cat’s Eye”.

Can you wear any gemstone?

The answer is, without doubt, a big NO. All gems are not suited nor useful to everyone. In fact, wrong gems worn can give adverse effects. Gemstones should be worn according to the auspicious or benefic planets in your birth chart.

  • You should wear gemstones of the planets which are well placed in your horoscope. You can wear gemstones of the benefic planets in your chart. Most importantly, remember that the same planet may not be benefic to two different people. Hence the same gemstone will not be suited to both of them.
  • Gemstones of the house lords of 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10th houses give maximum benefits if worn in the periods of their Mahadasha.
  • You can wear gemstones of related karak grahas to solve selected problems of your life.
  • Never wear the gemstones of the lords of 3th, 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

So it is very essential to sudy the individual horoscope well before recommending any gemstone to someone.

Which Gemstones should not be worn together?

Many people are fond of wearing different gemstones in combination. However, wearing such combinations can actually cause you more harm than good. Here is the table of gems which should not be worn together:

Appropriate Metals for setting the Gemstones:

The beneficial powers of gemstones increase when set in particular metals. Here is the list of such metals:

* Panchdhatu literally means five metals. It is a traditional five-metal alloy of gold, silver, copper, zinc and iron.

*Ashtadhatu literally means eight metals. It is an alloy of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, tin, iron and antimony or mercury.


  • The weight of a gemstone should never be in any fraction of three-fourths.
  • Always wear a Gemstone which is of correct weight set in correct metal, in the right finger and on the right day.
  • It is advisable to wear Gemstones in the Shukla Paksha viz the bright lunar phase.
  • Gemstones give better results when worn in a finger as a ring than as a locket around the neck.

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