The Century’s longest Total Lunar Eclipse — 27 July 2018

We are about to witness a very exciting and important event on the night of 27–28 July, 2018. It is the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE night.

This eclipse is unique in more than one ways:

  • The full moon on the night of July 27–28, 2018, presents the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100). The Moon shall pass through the exact center of the Earth. The last longest total lunar eclipse occurred on July 16, 2000 — which lasted for 1 hour, 40 minutes. This time, the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE will last for 1 hour, 42 minutes and 56 seconds!
  • This time, three eclipses are occurring within a span of 30 days: Partial Solar eclipse on 13 July, 2018 — Total Lunar eclipse on 27–28 July, 2018 — Partial Solar eclipse on 11 August, 2018.
  • The Total Lunar eclipse this year falls on Guru Purnima Day. Hence, it is advisable to celebrate Guru Purnima before the Sutak time begins. (For timings, see below).
  • On the same night, Earth will be passing between the Sun and Mars. This is a wonderful coincidence when on the same night, the Sun, Moon, Earth and Mars are all aligned, thus bringing Mars also opposite the Sun in the sky, just like the full Moon.
  • Blood Moon as well as Blood Mars: Not only will the Moon, but Mars too will turn redder due to the sunlight filtering through Earth’s atmosphere. Mars shall be the closest to the Earth this night — the closest it has been since 2003! And Mars also being near the Moon, will also be exceptionally bright — and red in color too. This will be an amazing sight to watch!


Total Lunar Eclipse timings on 27th July, 2018 for Mumbai

  • Lunar Eclipse Starts — 23:54:26 on 27th, July, 2018
  • Lunar Eclipse Ends — 03:48:59 on 28thJuly, 2018
  • Local Eclipse Duration — 03 Hours 54 Mins 33 Secs
  • Duration of Total Phase — 01 Hour 42 Mins 56 Secs
  • Duration of Partial Phase — 03 Hours 54 Mins 32 Secs

Sutak Timings:

( Sutak is the inauspicious time before an eclipse. According to Hindu beliefs, the Earth atmosphere is contaminated during Sutak and extra precautions should be taken to avoid any harmful side effects due to contamination. This includes abstinence from eating, drinking, sexual activities for adults, oil massage, etc.)

  • Begins — 12:44:54 on 27th, July (Guru Purnima to be celebrated before this time)
  • Ends — 03:48:59

Sutak for Kids, Old and Sick:

  • Begins — 19:16:48 on 27th, July
  • Ends — 03:48:59

(Source: drikpanchang)


The Total Lunar Eclipse shall occur on Ashadha Purnima in Capricorn sign in Uttarashadha Nakshatra (ruled by Sun) till 24:33 and then in Shravana Nakshatra (ruled by Moon) thereafter. Since during this eclipse Moon will be with Ketu, it will be called KETU GRASTA CHANDRA GRAHAN.

This lunar eclipse shall be largely influenced by the exalted Mars, thereby making this an emotionally challenging eclipse. In addition, Uranus’ aspect on Mars makes it more impulsive and unpredictable. Instincts and passions shall be at their peak. Uranus’ aspect on Moon can result in fluctuating mood swings and brash behaviour leading to emotional outbursts.

The conjunction of Moon and Mars will make one very sentimental and protective towards one’s family and dear ones. On one hand, sexual energies and passions shall also be high; while on the other, it will make one impatient, frustrated and impulsive. It would be wise to be patient and relax. Decisions taken at this time may either backfire or go terribly wrong.


Since the eclipse is occurring in Capricorn sign, natives of both Cancer and Capricorn shall be most impacted by this lunar eclipse. Also, those born in Uttarashadha and Shravana nakshatras should be careful in this period.

Let us see how this lunar eclipse will affect the different signs:


The total lunar eclipse will give you mixed results. There shall be a lull in marital life. Family tensions can disturb you. But you may also get rid of some other problems you were facing till now. You shall gain in your career and work sector. Keep working diligently and you shall be rewarded amply. You shall certainly achieve a whole new level of professionalism. You may plan to bring some changes on domestic front.


Luck will favor you. You shall be able to overcome the existing hurdles and successfully complete the unfinished tasks. A pilgrimage would be beneficial for you. Some of you shall gain wealth or promotion in job. However some niggling problem may disturb you. It is not a good period for those in love. Keep away from pointless arguments; else you may be snubbed or disgraced. This is the right time to expand your mind and thinking.


This eclipse can be agonizing for you. You may suffer from some physical problem or discomfort. Beware of your enemies. Unexpected happenings will intensify your problems. Some of you may have to travel away from home. Things may not work out as planned. Sudden gains are also likely; but expenses shall increase too. However, this is a good time to clear off your debts. Harsh realities will lead to new realizations.


You shall face some serious challenges in your marital life. Heated arguments with your spouse are possible. It is not a good time to take any final decision regarding divorce/ending your relationships. You may also have to face some problems in your work area. Business partners may disagree with each other. Take great care of your health. Some of you may suffer from problems related to reproductive organs. All the same, it’s time to reinvent yourself and evolve into a better person.


This total lunar eclipse brings you success in all your undertakings. Power and prestige will increase. But be careful with your finances. Keep away from unnecessary expenditures. Invest wisely and only after taking expert advice. You may need to sharpen some of your job skills. Journeys shall be tiring; yet you shall be happy. A health issue may crop up suddenly, due to which you may be temporarily bed ridden. Be careful of accidents.


You are likely to benefit financially in this period and shall also see a rise in comforts. There shall be a surge in your creativity. At the same time, differences with family members and friends may disturb you. Delay in work can cause irritation and restlessness. Be patient. In the end, all your projects shall be completed successfully and to your satisfaction. Besides, it is also good time to make new plans for the future.


This total lunar eclipse is very auspicious for you. You shall experience a renewed enthusiasm. Income as well as prestige will increase at work place. Domestic issues shall be the focus of prime attention. You shall feel very responsible towards your family and its needs. Stay away from any kind of arguments or disputes. Be vigilant of your health. Do not let unfounded fears overcome your peace of mind.


This will be an exceptionally good period for your finances. You are likely to gain some wealth or profits in business and excellent progress in career too. Some of you shall also get to hear some good news. But watch out, your electronic appliances may give you trouble. Students may experience a decline in their focus and concentration. Avoid squabbles with your siblings and neighbors.


Profits/gains may increase; so will your expenditures. Finances shall, thus, be adversely affected. You may find it difficult to save money. So, be alert and avoid wasteful expenses. Do not trust anyone blindly. You may have to stay away from your home for some time. Work related travels are foreseen. Take due care of your health. Keep away from investments for some time. also, stay away from mental stress.


You are going to be most affected by this total lunar eclipse. Consequently, you shall find yourself paying more attention to your personality and image and would want to assert your independent views strongly. Married life may be disturbed. Mental tensions shall increase. You may also have to face physical pain or discomfort; accidents are not ruled out. Keep away from unnecessary strains by immersing yourself in work. An upcoming good news or business proposal will cheer you up.


Beware of hidden enemies who might try to harm you. Differences of opinions with family members will disturb you. Under these circumstances, it would be better to avoid arguments and conflicts at all costs. Take great care of your health. Journeys may prove wasteful and tiring. Some of you may develop an urge to retreat to some secluded spot to get some peace and solitude. Meditation would indeed be beneficial for you. Be ready for new beginnings shortly.


This lunar eclipse shall prove beneficial to you. At least one of your long pending wish is likely to be fulfilled. Travels for business and pleasure purpose will keep you busy. You shall feel enthusiastic to take risks. Those involved in business overseas shall benefit through increased contacts and sales. Also, friends and social groups shall play an important role in helping you realize your dreams. You shall be able to express yourself most creatively and assertively.

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