Many a times, despite being a wonderful and successful person, one may experience a delay in married. You may be getting many proposals, but something happens the last minute — and it’s the end of the road!

Delay in marriage can be very frustrating to both the boy/girl and to their respective families. Hence, we discuss below the remedies for those people who are facing an inordinate delay in getting the right partner or in getting married.

Why is the Marriage getting Delayed?

GOD is one. His energies envelop the whole universe. Yet people worship different forms of God — because each different physical form represents a different aspect of His energy and divination. Similarly, people worship different forms of Lord Ganesha to address the different issues that may arise in different stages of their lives.

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In the course of my counseling sessions, I come across people from all age/ class/social groups. Whatever be their personal problems, one sentence keeps creeping in again and again — ‘ I AM NOT HAPPY’.

We all strive so much — all in the pursuit of Happiness. In fact, most of our actions, thoughts and even relationships are directed towards this one target — HAPPINESS. Yet, after having done all, we are still not happy — strange! But is it really strange after all?

Let’s analyze why is there so much of unhappiness.

FIRSTLY, what exactly is HAPPINESS? There is no set definition of happiness; it is as we…

On 23 September, 2020, changes its sign from airy sign Gemini to earthy sign Taurus. Alongside, transits from fiery sign Sagittarius to watery Scorpio sign. This transit will be for 18 months till 12 April, 2022.

Rahu transit will be in Rohini Nakshatra from January end to the first week of October next year. This will give good results.

However, one has to be careful during the Rahu + Sun and Ketu + Sun conjunct periods. Rahu + Sun conjunction will occur between 15 May 2021 and 15 June 2021; while Ketu + Sun conjunction will occur twice: 17 November…

Eclipses have always intrigued the human race since ages. They indicate some endings and some new beginnings. Eclipses can prove to be turning points in our lives; they bring forth unexpected events. All the same, they open up new opportunities as well — but not before making us realize our past mistakes. Eclipses are great times for retrospection and bringing about changes in our ways of thinking, habits and method of functioning.



The annular Solar Eclipse will start at 9:15 am on 21 June 2020 as per Indian Standard Timing (IST).

The first point of actual eclipse will start…

Infectious diseases are caused by pathogens like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Viral pathogens cause infections that have epidemic & pandemic potential.

So it’s exam time again! This period spells stress, anxiety and panic not only for children but also for their parents. Students face many problems ranging from fear of the exam, nervousness, lack of concentration and distractions, memory problems, issues regarding time management to parental pressure. Astrology can be very helpful here; it can not only pinpoint the reasons for poor concentration or learning disabilities, but can also suggest remedies to improve their memory, attentiveness and overall performance.

We shall discuss below the Astrological remedies for different problems faced by students:

Your birth time speaks a lot about your personality traits, your nature and your temperament. Besides, time of birth is of great significance in Astrology too — it decides your Ascendant, as well as placements and degrees of planets in the horoscope. The Ascendant is a reflection of one’s personality.

So let us see how your birth time influences your personality:

Maha Shivaratri literally means ‘The Great Night of Shiva’. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated in the Hindu month of Phalguna; more specifically on the 13th lunar night ( Trayodashi) transiting to the 14th lunar night ( Chaturdasi).

On this night, Sun is in Aquarius sign while Moon is in Capricorn sign. The planetary positions are aligned in such a pattern on this auspicious night that it naturally invokes an upsurge of energy in the human structure. Being awake the whole night and meditating on Shiva’s name rejuvenates the devotees -physically, mentally and spiritually.

We are about to witness a very exciting and important event on the night of 27–28 July, 2018. It is the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE night.

This eclipse is unique in more than one ways:

  • The full moon on the night of July 27–28, 2018, presents the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century (2001 to 2100). The Moon shall pass through the exact center of the Earth. The last longest total lunar eclipse occurred on July 16, 2000 — which lasted for 1 hour, 40 minutes. …


I strive to present here entirely different dimensions of Astrology — holistic, philosophical, psychological and spiritual.

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